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ESQG UFO challenge 2011-2012

UFO challenge 2011-2012

Objective: have fun and feel good about yourself by getting some of those pesky UFO's finished!

Here's how it works:

  1. Dig out your UFOs! Look everywhere: under beds, in drawers, in the freezer--wherever you store/hide them. **For our purposes, a UFO (unfinished object) is a quilting project you started working on and then, for whatever reason, abandoned at some point.** It can't be a project you are currently working on or a project you have not yet started (that's an NYS). Don't cheat! We're trying to help you!
  2. Choose the UFOs you want to work on during the guild year and number them from 1-9 (if you have that many), for each of the 9 months we'll be working on them.
  3. For each UFO you list, please write a short explanation of why you stopped working on it and about how long ago you last worked on it. For each one, decide what your goal is for the month you'll be working on it. We know you may not be able to finish a very involved project in a month, so if your goal is to finish 5 more blocks or to have the entire quilt completely finished, that's up to you. Give us a copy of your list and keep one.
  4. Each month we will draw a number and the UFO on your list that corresponds to that number is the one you will work on until the next guild meeting.
  5. At each meeting, we'll check in and see how many of us have met our goal for the month. How we do this will depend on how many members get involved and how much meeting time we have. We may all get together for a few minutes before the meeting starts. Next June we'll have a big display of all we've accomplished.

Remember: you do not have to complete a UFO each month! Your goal is up to you-just write it down. If you've added 2 more blocks to your project during the month, hopefully you'll continue working on it during the year and finish it.

Questions or comments:
Sharon Roehrig 908-454-5804 or katznquiltz@earthlink.net
Solvai Sanchez 908-475-1015 or solvai@comcast.net