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What is "hospitality" and what would you be responsible for?

At each monthly guild meeting we have a hospitality table. The guild provides a cooler which is on wheels; we use it as a cart for carrying supplies. Inside the cooler we keep a coffee pot, small plates, cups, napkins, coffee and tea bags, tablecloth, etc. In other words we have all the items you would need to offer hot or cold beverages to the members. We ask that the hospitality lady or ladies bring the cooler to each meeting, set up a table with the items from in the cooler, put water in the coffee pot and have it heated up for the members when they arrive or at least by meeting time. After the meeting, the hospitality people clean up and pack away the supplies.

Here is where this position becomes a little gray.

If you have been attending meetings you know that there is always something to eat on the hospitality table. It does not matter if we have brownies and cookies, cheese and crackers or candy. Let me explain that these goodies are not necessarily the responsibility of the hospitality person. Usually guild members bring these goodies or something cold to drink. This is why some months are more plentiful than others. If a member is home during the day and feels like baking, we get baked goods. If a member is driving home and wants to pick up some soda or cider, we have something to drink. It just depends on the member's day and if they want to contribute. I really can not remember a time when we went hungry.

There is no expense to the hospitality person. It is her responsibility to keep the cart stocked, but the guild pays for any supplies. If you do spend money to replenish the items in the cooler, give your receipts to our treasurer and the guild will reimburse you. All refreshments are donated by members.

Hospitality is a great way to get your feet wet if you are new to the guild.